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Engadine Airport


An airport with a special touch

The Engadine Airport is a popular spot for visitors to the Upper Engadine. With its well-appointed children's playground, the airport's forecourt affords the best view of the incoming and outgoing aircraft and parked jets and helicopters.

The 4.5 km walk around the airport will reward visitors with an ever-changing perspective of the hustle and bustle at the "Highest Airport in Europe".

Please stay on the paved paths and grounds at all times. Do not enter the airport's perimeter or step on the runway or tarmac under any circumstances!

Please, show consideration for the athletes doing their training laps on cross-country skis in winter or roller skis in summer.

Children's playground

Stopping by the Engadine Airport is fun for both young and old. Families with kids will appreciate the well-appointed children's playground, with a view of the runway and the parking area for lighter aircraft.

Engadine Airport

Europe's highest-altitude airport

Plane spotters

The Engadine Airport is a, if not the favourite for spotters looking to take a picture of rare aircraft. The Upper Engadine aerodrome offers a fair chance to see business jets from all four corners of the world, helicopters, vintage planes, and even a prototype aircraft on a test flight.

Taxi flights

Our local flight operators will fly you to a meeting or connecting flight or back to the Engadine safely and without delay.

Scenic flights

The mountain range around Engadine Airport is one of Europe's most spectacular panoramas. Helicopters and aeroplanes are the ideal modes of transportation to discover the sights from above. Our local flight operators offer a range of sightseeing flights in the region and beyond.