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Drone flying

Flying drones is not permitted in the vicinity of aeroports and heliports. Under particular circumstances, exceptions may be granted in Samedan and St. Moritz. In every case, permission to fly must be requested in advance. Find everything you need to know on the topic here.

The Upper Engadine Valley sees many fixed-wing planes flying in and out and a fair share of helicopters on different assignments – often flying close to the ground. That is why drone pilots must comply with all drone flying rules.

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA's Drone Guide provides a schematic overview of the rules in force. The guide also includes information on when a drone flight must be authorised.

Within a 5 km radius of the Engadine Airport in Samedan and the heliport in St. Moritz-Bad, drone flights are prohibited unless the pilot holds valid written permission to fly their drone.

Drone Map: Maps of Switzerland – Swiss Confederation –

Individual authorisations can be requested at the Engadine Airport in Samedan and may be granted if:

  • The requirements stipulated by the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 and the DETEC Ordinance on Special Category Aircraft (OSCA) are met.
  • The drone flight is carried out on behalf of public authorities, municipalities, tourist organisations or event organisers.
  • The drone flight is of proven public interest (positive impact on tourism, public safety, surveying, etc.)


  • The authorisation applies to the use of the airspace only and does not include any clearances from municipalities, landowners, or individuals. Pilots must apply for any such authorisations separately.
  • The Engadin Airport AG reserves the right to interrupt or cancel previously approved activities or to stipulate additional obligations or restrictions. Hence, drone pilots must be reachable by telephone at all times.
  • The permit holder must be able to present the authorisation if checked.
  • Copies of the drone flying authorisations will be sent to the Grisons Cantonal Police, the Swiss Air Force, and relevant airport partners for information.

You may apply for approval to fly a drone here

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