Briefing and test


A spotter's paradise

The Engadine Airport will grant plane spotters who pass the annual test access to the airport premises whenever possible. For safety reasons and so as not to impede operations, plane spotters must obey strict rules.

Spotter briefing and test

To ensure plane spotters have safe and accident-free access to interesting aircraft on the apron of Engadine Airport, all spotters must complete a briefing and test. Spotters must be 16 years of age or older to receive a spotter permit.

The briefing and test must be completed every year. Should spotters fail the test on the first attempt, they may attempt again after 30 minutes. A third attempt will only be possible after 24 hours.

Once passed, spotters will receive the test results and confirmation by email. Spotters will be granted access to the apron upon presentation of this confirmation at the C-office (a spotter guide will accompany first-time spotters.).

Spotter Badge

Following the OK from the spotter guide, plane spotters will be allowed on the apron unaccompanied. Upon depositing a picture ID (identity card, driver's licence, etc.), they will receive their access credentials at the office.

Maximum 10 spotters on the apron

To ensure safe and smooth operations on the tarmac, no more than ten spotters will be allowed on the apron at any time.

10 steps to spotter

To become a plane spotter at Engadine Airport, follow these ten steps:

  1. Sign up here for the briefing and test. You will receive your login credentials by email after registration. 
  2. Log in with your login credentials.
  3. Complete the online briefing. 
  4. Complete the test at the end of the briefing.
  5. Briefing and test must be completed every year.
  6. Once passed, you will receive the test results and confirmation by email.
  7. Please book an appointment with a spotter guide before accessing the apron for the first time. The staff at the C-office will be happy to assist. Access to the apron is limited. Neither admission to the apron nor an appointment is guaranteed.
  8. Present your test confirmation at the C-office. You will be admitted to the apron in the company of a spotter guide.
  9. The spotter guide on duty can ask you for your test confirmation (electronically or on paper).
  10. After the OK from the spotter guide, you will be handed your access credentials. Henceforth, you may only access the apron without a spotter guide when carrying this badge.

Have fun, and stay safe when taking pictures!