Engadine Airport

Our mission statement

Engadin Airport AG operates the Samedan regional airport on behalf of the "Infrastructure company regional airport Samedan (INFRA)" on the basis of a service agreement, the operating regulations and the operating license from DETEC. As the licensee, Engadin Airport AG is entrusted with a public-law task. 

As the operator, Engadin Airport AG is obliged to ensure safe flight operations and strives to offer pilots, passengers and visitors optimal and professional care. The basis for this is our employees, who do their best 365 days a year.

Vision / Mission

Engadin Airport distinguishes itself as a pioneering, progressive and forward-looking operation.



The needs and wishes of our customers are our motivation, their satisfaction our success.


Our employees are the most important thing to achieve the set goals as a team.


The range of Engadin Airport AG is based on the needs and wishes of the customers.

Engadine Airport

Europe's highest-altitude airport


The Engadine Airport is certified and meets the ICAO's safety, security and quality standards.

Management safety principles


The Engadine Airport is at the heart of a region with great touristic relevance. Hence, safeguarding the environment is a top priority, which we fulfil by adhering to the following principles:

Communication / information

The airport is of great importance for the entire Upper Engadin and contributes to securing and increasing the economic performance of the region. Engadin Airport AG therefore attaches great importance to a partnership with the region and operates open and transparent communication.

External communication tools

Internal communication tools

This mission statement was drawn up as a binding document by the board of directors of Engadin Airport AG in January 2009. It is constantly reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

On behalf of the Board of Directors
Urs E. Schwarzenbach, President

Version: January 2022