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Engadine Airport

Airport fire brigade

The Engadine Airport has its own aerodrome rescue & fire fighting service that is well-trained and equipped to handle fire control in an aviation setting. It guarantees the fire fighting capacity for ICAO Fire Fighting Categories 1 through 6 on 365 days a year.

The airport's rescue and firefighting personnel receive recurrent instruction in specialised training centres for aerodrome fire brigades and participate in live drills at least six times a year.

The airport's two modern firefighting vehicles carry different firefighting agents and can rapidly reach any point of the airfield.

Mercedes Actros 3355 6X6

Crew of 6 people
8000 litres of water
1000 litres of foam
250 kg extinguishing powder

Mercedes Atego 1127 4×4

Crew of 5 people
2000 litres of water
100 litres of foam
150 kg extinguishing powder

Information for pilots

Firefighting agents: cf. AD INFO 2

ICAO- Category: 2
ICAO- Category: 3 – 6: on request 3 hrs before ETA or ETD, respectively