Glider paradise Samedan - Engadine


Silent like an eagle

To soar above the Alpine peaks noiselessly is one of the most fascinating experiences aviation has to offer.

Samedan with its Engadine Airport has been a mountain gliding hot spot for generations. Given the phenomenal thermal conditions that prevail and the majestic mountain backdrop of the Bernina massif with its glaciers and 4,000-metre peak Piz Bernina, the Engadine Valley is a favourite with gliders from across the globe.

Gliding at the Engadine Airport goes a long way back – the first attempts at making a glider soar up in the air on the field date to 1934. Today, gliding operations are run by the Engadin Airport AG in cooperation with the local gliders association 'Club svoul a vela Muottas (CSVM)'.


Reservations, bookings, information and all other administrative tasks are handled by the airport's C-office.

To ensure safe and enjoyable gliding free of accidents, all glider pilots at the Engadine Airport must complete the mandatory briefing and test in line with the briefing concept.

We wish all pilots an unforgettable and smooth flight and a pleasant stay in the Engadine.

Glider winch operating hours

During the gliding season, the glider winch is in service daily between 13:00 and 17:00 local time. Exceptionally and upon request only, gliders may also launch between 17:00 and 17:30 local time.

Glider winch prices

Tickets for a winch launch must be purchased in advance at the C-office. Only cash payments are accepted; no invoicing. The ticket is equivalent to cash and entitles the holder to a winch launch.

Winch price: CHF 40 per launch. Returning to the field within 20 minutes counts as a failure to find a thermal, and the pilot may launch again at no extra cost.
For training and familiarisation flights, the launch ticket is valid for two flights.

Registration fee: not applicable


Initial and continuing training courses are offered in cooperation with the Grenchen flight school.


Gliders can be rented through the local gliders club, 'Club svoul a vela Muottas (CSVM)'.

Matthias Feldmann

Duo Discus X HB-3418

CHF 1.50 per minute
CHF 300.- per day

ASW 27B HB-3239

CHF 1.20 per minute
CHF 240.- per day (upon request only)