Briefing and test

Apron, runway, and taxiways

To ensure safe operations on the airport premises, all bearers of Engadine Airport badges must complete a safety briefing and pass the test at the end of the briefing.

Upon completion of the test, badge holders will receive their test results and confirmation by email.

Should they fail the test at the first attempt, they may try again after 30 minutes. A third attempt will only be possible after 24 hours.

Please note

  1. It is necessary to sign up for the briefing and test. You will receive your login credentials by email after registration.
  2. Log in with your login credentials.
  3. Complete the briefing.
  4. Complete the test.
  5. You will receive the test results and confirmation by email.

The management wishes all the employees at the Engadine Airport a pleasant stay free of accidents.