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In order to guarantee safe and accident-free access to interesting aircrafts on the apron of the Engadin Airport, all spotters are required to complete the briefing with a test. The minimum age to obtain a permission is 16. If you are unsuccessful at the first test run, you are able to start a second attempt after 30 minutes. A possible third attempt is only possible after 24 hours.

After successful completion of the test you will receive a confirming e-mail with the test result. Upon presentation of the test confirmation in the C office, the spotter is granted access to the Apron accompanied by a spotter guide. After the authorization by the Spotter Guide and the Airport Authority, the Spotter is entitled to enter the Apron unaccompanied. For this it will be handed out a badge against the deposit of ID (Passport, divers license or similar).

New: Restrictionsof spotters
For safety reason and in order not disturbing operations on the Apron, the number of spotters who are at the same time on the Apron is limited to 10 people.

We wish you a great time and exciting photos in the beautiful surroundings of the Engadin!

Spotterbriefing and test (German only, see German page)

Spotterbriefing printout (PDF German only)


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