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Flugplanerstellungs Guideline nach / von Samedan (LSZS)

Aufgrund der Luftraumstruktur mit diversen TRA's und LS-R's sind die IFR - Anflugrouten nicht immer verfügbar. Um die Flugplanung zu erleichtern hat die Skyguide einen Leitfaden erarbeitet.

Flight plan filing guidelines to Samedan (LSZS)

Flight plan filing guidelines from Samedan (LSZS)



Tarife Engadin Airport

Tarifordnung Engadin Airport

To all Pilots to be advised

The following regulations are defined to avoid excessive noise at and in the vicinity of Engadin Airport.


Operators who are not familiar with these procedures shall submit for approval to the Airport Authority.


For deceleration, it is recommended to use the entire runway lenght available. Use of reverse thrust shall be limited for safety or particular operational reasons.


Aircrafts shall be operated so as to reduce noise to minimum during taxi and holding operations.


The following regulations are applicable to the use of an APU:

  •  Max 30 minutes prior Estimated Off-Block Time (EOBT).
  •  Max 15 minutes after reaching parking position.

Engadin Airport | Plazza Aviatica 2 | 7503 Samedan | T +41 81 851 08 51 |

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