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WEF -World Economic Forum 2017

During the WEF 2017, from January 16th until January 21th, 2017, the airspace around Davos will be restricted within a radius of 25 NM (LS-R90). In addition, during this time, flightplans are required for VFR-Flights within LS-R90.

Additionally, for flights from/to LSZS with Y/Z flightplans, PPR is mandatory. All information, refer to the attached briefing “WEF 2017 IFR and AIP-SUP WEF 2017”. PPR-requests are managed by Engadin Airport. Please fill out the form PPR Request/Confirmation (last page of the briefing) and send it with your handling request to our Handling Office: or via Fax: 0041 (0)81 851 08 50.
The PPR-number that you will get with our confirmation, has to be inserted in field 18 of your flightplan. Please note that beside the additional information below, the official publications (AIP, VFR, SUP, NOTAMS) are mandatory as well.

For additional information our Handling-Team is at your disposal. Tel. 0041 (0) 81 851 08 48.

Briefing WEF 2017 IFR



Additionl Information to WEF 2017

IFR-GNSS approach and take-off procedure

Regional airport Samedan LSZS– More safety and a higher approachability thanks to IFR-GNSS approach and take-off procedure

The Engadin Airport and the infrastructure company of the regional airport Samedan have set themselves the goal to increase the safety during approach and take-off and rise the approachability of the regional airport Samedan by introducing a certified GNSS-IFR procedure. Thanks to the support of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Skyguide and the Swiss Airforce, a temporary procedure will be introduced for the Alpine World Ski Championships 2017, from February 2nd 2017 to the 20th February 2017, which should be followed as soon as possible by a permanent one.

The corresponding specifications for pilots and aircrafts are published in the AIP Supplement 002/17.

LINK: AIP Supplement 002/17:

LINK: Familiarisation Video RWY 03:

In regard to the introduction of the permanent solution, we invite all pilots to submit their feedbacks, experiences and suggestions, to the procedure at the following address:

Engadin Airport | Plazza Aviatica 2 | 7503 Samedan | T +41 81 851 08 51 |