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Arrival Magazin 2015

"New paths are made by taking them" the writer Franz Kafka once said. Since January 1st, 2014, the Engadin Airport AG and the infrastructure organisation of the district of the Upper Engadin, which holds the building lease from the canton of Grisons and is responsible for the renewal and reliability of the airport, have been taking a new path together in order to preserve and and enhance the Samedan Regional Airport for the future.

We are pleased to have set priority investments during this first year (red more on page 22). 

On September 20, 2014, for once the runway was not reserved for aviation, but turned into a playground for locals and visitors instead. Read more about this special day on page 32.

Want to learn how to fly or get acquainted with mountain aviation? It is possible here in the Engadin, with the offers of the Swiss Alpine Flying Center. (Page 8)

Enjoy reading our new edition of the Arrival magazine.

Arrival Magazin 2015

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