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Arrival Magazin 2014

Next year St. Moritz and the Engadine valley will celebrate 150 years of winter tourism. Legend has it that the winter holidays were the result of a bet that the innovative St. Mortitz hotelier Johannes Badrutt made, the same man that was the first one in Switzerland to install electric light in his hotel.

The first attempts to fly in the Alps took place in 1910 on the Lake St. Moritz and were supported by the local municipality. The foundation of the airport association in 1936, the opening of the airport of the Upper Engadin and the etablishment of direct flights to London since February 1938 are just some additional acts of pioneering this kind that are worth mentioning.

That acts have led to the development of a new economic activity that still brings great benefits to the valley. They have turned the Engadine into a holiday destination with an international appeal. And the Engadin Airport has played a major role! Read the articles to find out more about waht it takes to run the highest airport of Europe.

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